BRSTHA Collection

October 09, 2020

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Art & Design


A fine jewelry collection that highlights the femininity traits of human body and emphasize women's confidence in their own skin.

BRSTHA focused on women's breast as the main inspiration since it's also one of the main problem that makes women feel it's hard to love their body. brstha collection consists of Libè ring and Mana earstud.

•Libè ring• as in liberation women being freed from their confidence issues

•Mana earstud• means magical powers there is a belief in maori that someone with mana are courageous and respected, so does a woman should be Materials used : •1mm brass plate •18k gold plated •round pink moonstone (in 5,6,8 and 10 mm).

BRSTHA Collection was made by Millen Valensie, one of UPH Product Design Student.