ÉPANOUI by Gaby Inetta Ichwanto & Karen Hartanto

March 16, 2021

Graphics / Gallery

Art & Design


The Inspiration

Our inspirations came from youthfulness and freedom that us, teenagers have. That leads us to choose Coachella as our main theme of this product collections.

The Concept

Our design concept is girlish and feminine with a touch of bohemian style to best represent Coachella vibes. Coachella are usually identical with youth, free spirit, and at the same time excitement to dress up and go to have the times of ourlives. This what inspires our brand. We strive to share our hapiness with everyone. And through these products, remind them to always appreciate the time we have as youths and be excited about life.

This is the work of Gaby Inetta Ichwanto and Karen Hartanto, students of UPH Product Design. For the full detail of the concept, click here. Or you can check out their catalogue here.